Saturday, February 24, 2018

MILLION DOLLAR IDEA 6: #Bitcoin #Mining #HowToMineBitcoin #ScaryClowns

If you've been waiting for my expert say so before getting on-board with this Bitcoin business... do it. Do it now!
I currently own a Bitcoin mine, but I'm too busy blogging to visit it any more, so I am ready for my mine to have a new owner.
Million Dollar Plan Details: 
1) Buy my mine
2) Fill a sack with Bitcoin (it's 97% pure btw)
3) Enjoy your wealthy life.

Fine Print:
I will not accept Bitcoin as payment
I cannot guarantee that all the scary clowns have evacuated the mine
Mine is haunted
Directions to mine and all documentation will be sent by fax machine
Helmet with light not included

Est. Idea Value: $17 trillion*
*Subject to market fluctuation and earthquake